By performing Shradh, the debt of the ancestors comes down, in this way do Pind Daan and Tarpan

Jyotishacharya Dr. Anish Vyas told that according to the scriptures, 96 opportunities are available in a year to perform Shradh for the ancestors. Shradh can also be performed on 12 Amavasya Tithi in 12 months of the year. One can offer tarpan to the ancestors of three generations by performing Shradh Karma.

It is not possible to repay the debts of ancestors in one life, even after they have left the world, it is a tradition to repay their debts by performing Shradh. In this, the deity also worships the one who performs Shradh Karma on Shashthi Tithi. Shradh is performed during Pitru Paksha for the peace of departed ancestors. It is believed that if the ancestors become angry, then the person’s life is also not happy and he has to face many problems. Not only this, there is unrest in the house and there is also loss in business and household. In such a situation, it is considered necessary to satisfy the ancestors and perform Shradh in Pitru Paksha for the peace of their soul. Jyotishacharya Dr. Anish Vyas, Director of Pal Balaji Jyotish Sansthan, Jaipur- Jodhpur, told that food is provided for the fulfillment of ancestors through Shradh and by offering Pind Daan and Tarpan, their soul is wished for peace. Whatever we resolve to give through Shradh, all those ancestors definitely get it. Shradh is performed on the same date on which the ancestors died, those who do not know the date of their departure to the next world, all those who do not know the date of their departure, all of them are worshiped on Amavasya.

Jyotishacharya Dr. Anish Vyas told that according to the scriptures, 96 opportunities are available in a year to perform Shradh for the ancestors. Shradh can also be performed on 12 Amavasya Tithi in 12 months of the year. One can offer tarpan to the ancestors of three generations by performing Shradh Karma. Shradh takes place for three generations. Shradh is performed by son, grandson, nephew or nephew. In those who do not have male members in their house, women can also perform Shradh. All the dates have different significance in Pitru Paksha. Shradh rituals are performed on that date in the Pitru Paksha of the person who dies on that date. Pitru Paksha starts from the full moon date. If someone has died in the family of grandparents on Pratipada date and if the date of death is not known, then his Shradh is performed on Pratipada. If an unmarried person has died on Panchami Tithi, then his Shradh should be done on this date. If a woman has died and the date of death is not known, her Shradh is performed on Navami Tithi. On Ekadashi Shradh is performed for the dead sannyasins. Those who have died in an accident, their Shradh should be performed on Chaturdashi Tithi. Shradh should be performed for all the known and unknown ancestors on the new moon day of salvation. Those who have died prematurely, their Shradh is performed on Chaturdashi Tithi.

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Astrologer Dr. Anish Vyas told that the work done with reverence is called Shradh. Salvation performed with reverence for one’s ancestors is called Shradh. The act of satisfying them is called tarpan. To do tarpan is to do Pind Daan. From the full moon of Bhadrapada to the new moon of Ashwin Krishna, there is a total of 16 days of Shradh. For these 16 days, our ancestors sit in our house in a subtle form. After reading the greatness of the seventh chapter of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta in Shradh, then the whole chapter should be recited. The fruit of this lesson should be dedicated to the soul. Along with the ancestors, the deities are also satisfied by performing Shradh. Shraddha-Tarpan is our respect for our ancestors. Due to this, the father’s debt is also paid off. Wear Ashtmukhi Rudraksha during 16 days of Shradh. In these days, keep 16 or 21 peacock feathers in the house. Offer water mixed milk on Shivling. Make kheer everyday at home. First of all, take out the grass separately for the cow, dog and crow from the food. It is believed that all these creatures are very close to Yama. Stay away from addictions during Shradh Paksha. Shraadh is performed by staying pure. Auspicious work is also considered taboo during Shradh Paksha. The time of Shradh is considered appropriate in the afternoon. Shradh is not performed at night. The use of gram flour in the food of Shradh is prohibited. Iron or steel vessels should not be used in Shradh rituals. When Pitru Dosh is pacified, then the obstacles related to health, family and money also get removed.

importance of the day

One who performs Shradh on the full moon day, his intellect, confirmation, memory power, perception power, son-grandson and opulence will increase. He enjoys the full fruits of the festival. Pratipada is for wealth and property and the thing obtained by the performer of Shradh is not destroyed. One who performs Shradh on Saptami, gets the virtuous results of great sacrifices. One who performs Shradh on Ashtami gets all the prosperity. By performing Shradh on Navami, one attains opulence and a woman who walks well according to the mind. The reverence of Dashami Tithi makes a person attain the Lakshmi of Brahmatva.

Shraddha ritual

Dr. Anish Vyas, the prophet and horoscope analyst, told that according to the mythological texts, there is also a method of performing Shradh. If Shradh Karma is not performed according to the whole ritual, then it is believed that that Shradh Karma becomes fruitless and the souls of the ancestors remain unsatisfied. The scriptural belief is that Shradh Karma (Pind Daan, Tarpan) should be done only through a qualified learned Brahmin. In Shradh Karma, donations are given to Brahmins with full devotion, but if you can help any poor, needy person, then you get a lot of merit. Along with this, a portion of food must be added for animals and birds like cows, dogs, crows etc. To perform Shradh, first of all, it is necessary to know the date of the person for whom Shradh is to be performed. Shradh should be performed on the date on which death took place. But sometimes there is such a situation that we do not know the date, then in such a situation, the day of Ashwin Amavasya is best for performing Shradh because on this day Sarva Pitru Shradh Yoga is considered. Secondly, it is also important that where the Shradh is being done. If possible, Shradh should be performed on the banks of river Ganges. If this is not possible then it can be done at home also. On the day of Shradh, Brahmins should be offered a feast. After the meal, please satisfy them by giving dakshina as well.

Shradh Puja should be started in the afternoon. Chant the mantra with the help of a qualified brahmin and after worship, offer water for tarpan. After this, the part of cow, dog, crow etc. should be separated from the bhog that is being offered. They should remember their ancestors while serving food. He should be requested to take Shradh in his heart.

Why were these five creatures chosen?

Dr. Anish Vyas, a prophet and horoscope analyst, told that Pitru Paksha has started and it is believed that during this time our ancestors come to earth and bless us. Performing Shradh for ancestors in Pitru Paksha is considered very important. Our ancestral animals come near to us through birds and take ancestral food through cow, dog, crow and ant.

At the time of Shradh, a portion of the food is taken out for the ancestors also, only then the Shradh karma is completed. While performing Shradh, five portions of food offered to ancestors are taken out for cow, dog, ant, crow and deities.

The dog symbolizes the water element, the ant the fire element, the crow the air element, the cow the earth element and the deity the sky element. In this way, by giving food to these five, we express our gratitude to the five elements. Five elements are found together in cow only. Therefore, the service of a cow in Pitru Paksha is particularly fruitful.

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It is also important to note some things

Dr. Anish Vyas, the prophet and horoscope analyzer, told that the ancestors should do special work on the days of Shradh to be happy, while it is also necessary to take care of some things during this time.

1. For performing Shradh, it has been told in scriptures like Brahmavaivarta Purana that in the family of deceased ancestors, either the eldest son or the junior son and if there is no son then only grandson, nephew, nephew or disciple are eligible to give Tilanjali and Pind Daan.

2. All the actions for the ancestors are done by putting a thread on the right shoulder around the neck and facing south.

3. There are also many such fathers whose sons do not have children or those who are childless. With respect to such ancestors, if male members of the family of their brothers, nephews, nephews or other uncles and uncles observe fast on Pitru Paksha, by performing Pind Daan, donating food and donating clothes and performing Shradh rituals with Brahmins, then the soul of the ancestor gets salvation.

4. Anish Vyas, a world-renowned prophet and horoscope analyst, told that on the day of Shradh, only sattvik food without garlic, onion should be prepared in the kitchen of the house. In which dishes made of urad dal, rice, milk, ghee, kheer, seasonal vegetables like Luffa, gourd, cilantro, ladyfinger, raw banana vegetable are acceptable in the food. Potatoes, radishes, brinjal, arbi and vegetables grown under the ground do not go to the ancestors.

5. The time of Shradh is always when the shadow of the sun starts falling on the feet, that is, only after noon, it is scriptural. Shradh performed early in the morning or before 12 o’clock does not reach the ancestors.

One who shows reverence and gratitude for the ancestors has to make some reason. This is the reason for Shradh. Perpetuating these expressions of gratitude for the ancestors reveals the greatness of our culture. According to Dev Smriti, a person who wishes to perform Shradh gets the ultimate good fortune.

Ekadashi Shradh Best Donation

Dr. Anish Vyas, the prophet and horoscope analyzer, told that if Shradh is not performed, then the ancestors return to Pitruloka after giving a harsh curse to the householder. Ekadashi Shradh is the best charity. He gives the knowledge of all the Vedas. All his sinful deeds are destroyed and he attains constant opulence.

At the same time, the welfare of the nation and the attainment of abundant food is said to be done by Shradh on Dwadashi Tithi. The Shradh of Trayodashi gives birth to progeny, intelligence, perception power, independence, good confirmation, longevity and opulence.

do shraadh like this

– Invite a Brahmin to perform Shradh, make a feast and also give dakshina according to your ability.

On the day of Shradh, prepare food according to your ability or desire.

Cook food according to the choice of the person you are doing Shradh, which will be appropriate.

It is believed that on remembering the day of Shradh, ancestors come home and get satisfied after having food of their choice.

Do not use garlic-onion in food.

There are five types of sacrifices mentioned in the scriptures: cow (cow) sacrifice, dog (dog) sacrifice, Kak (crow) sacrifice, Devadi sacrifice, Pipilika (ant) sacrifice.

– Dr. Anish Vyas

prophets and horoscope analyzers

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