Can a deaf person become fond of listening to favorite songs? Keep these things in mind while listening to music

How To Prevent Hearing LossWho does not like to listen to music. Music can also help reduce stress and sadness. But in the last few years, music itself has influenced people’s ability to listen. More than 1 billion youth around the world are struggling with the problem of hearing loss. According to a study by BMJ Global Health, about 135 crore people worldwide have the habit of listening in an unsafe way, such as music podcasts and loud music, going to noisy places and always wearing earphones in their ears. This includes about 67 crore people in the age group of 12-34 years. Earlier, the problem of hearing loss used to occur after the age of 40, but now this problem has also started appearing in children. Due to loud music, pain in the ears, weakening of the ear drum and difficulty in hearing can be experienced.

Listening to music is a good habit, but listening loudly can cause damage to the ears. To avoid hearing loss, it is necessary to take special care of the ears. Let us know what to keep in mind while listening to music.

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set time limit
By listening to music, it is easy to relax the muscles of the brain. according to To avoid hearing loss, it is not necessary to stop listening to music, but the use of earbuds or earphones can be reduced. Set a time limit for listening to music. Avoid using earbuds throughout the day. Apart from this, try listening to music in low volume.

mind the volume
The problem of hearing loss can be caused by listening to loud music, so the volume of the device should not exceed 60 percent. The hearing capacity of our ears is 80 decibels but using earphones increases to 90 to 100 decibels which can damage the ears in the long term.

use of noise canceling headphones
Noise canceling headphones can be used for listening to music and talking on the phone. By using this type of headphones, background noises can be stopped, so that there will be no need to increase the volume of the headphones.

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protect ears
In very noisy places, your ears can be protected by wearing earplugs and not sitting near the speaker. Apart from this, instead of headphones, use speakers to listen to music so that the music does not go directly to the ear. To avoid hearing problem, it is necessary to reduce the use of loud music and headphones. Consult a doctor in case of any problem in the ear.

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