Can beer get rid of kidney stones? You also believe in this, the doctor told the reality


Kidney stone problem can also occur due to increase in uric acid.
Adequate amount of water should be drunk to avoid the problem of kidney stone.

Is Beer Good For Kidney Stones: The problem of kidney stones is increasing rapidly among the youth. This can be a serious problem, which can affect the functioning of the kidney. People suffering from kidney stones are advised to drink more and more water and include fluid in the diet. Many people also believe that to get rid of the problem of kidney stones, people should drink beer. For a long time, people remain confused about whether beer can really prove to be a panacea for kidney stone patients. Let’s try to know about this from the doctor.

According to Dr. Amrendra Pathak, Senior Consultant, Urology Department, Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, doctors never recommend drinking beer to kidney stone patients. So far no such research has come to the fore, in which it has been proved that drinking beer removes kidney stones from the body. In such a situation, patients should not consume alcoholic drink beer even by mistake. By drinking beer, urine starts forming rapidly and one has to go for urine again and again. In such a situation, people think that the stone is coming out, but it is not so. This is just a misconception. If a person has stone obstruction in the kidney, then drinking beer in such a condition will make urine faster and the kidney will swell. This may increase the problem.

Dr. Amarendra Pathak says that the exact cause of kidney stone can be detected only in 5 to 10 percent of the people. Why kidney stone is formed in most of the people, the reason for this is not known. However, people who drink less water and take high protein diet, the risk of kidney stone formation is many times more than other people. Calcium is abundant in protein-rich diet and calcium accumulates in the kidney. This can cause stone problems. To avoid the problem of kidney stone, at least 3-4 liters of water should be drunk every day and fluid should be included in the diet. This will reduce the risk of stone.

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