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Caramel Makhana Recipe: Craving for sweet food? Try Caramel Makhana’s ‘Instant Recipe’, Also Watch Video


Caramel Makhana dish is tasty and healthy.
Children will also like this dish very much.

Caramel Makhana Recipe: Many people like sweet food. Many times it happens that suddenly one feels like tasting something sweet but at such a time there is no sweets in the house. At the same time, some people would have a lot of sweets at home for the rest of the people to eat, but due to dieting, they could not even taste it. In both these situations also you can pacify the craving for sweet food. Today we will tell you a fun recipe that can be made quickly.

Actually on Instagram @burrpet_ A recipe video has been posted on the account created with the username. In which it has been taught to make a fun dish in a very easy way. Whose name is Caramel Makhana. You do not need to work very hard to make it. It is made with very less ingredients and in less time. By eating this, your craving will definitely calm down. Let us tell you that this Instagram page belongs to Chef Dhruvi Jain. Let us first know what is needed to make it.

What is needed to make Caramel Makhana?

  • 2 cups makhana
  • Desi Ghee
  • Jaggery

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Easy way to make Caramel Makhana

To make Caramel Makhana, first take a pan and wok and roast the Makhanas. After this take out the makhanas in a bowl. After this heat the pan and add desi ghee to it. Now add jaggery to it and let it melt. Now put the roasted makhana in it. Watch video…

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Try this easy recipe today. Jaggery has been used in this, so it is healthy too. Children will also like this dish very much.

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