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Heart Attack: Cardiac arrest occurs when the blood supply to the heart is interrupted. It can come anywhere, anytime. In the last two years, many famous celebrities died of cardiac arrest while exercising. Many youths have died of cardiac arrest. Recently a video surfaced in which the bride fell on the stage while garlanding the groom. Later death was revealed to be due to heart attack. Now the question is that when every part of the body is working strongly in the youth stage, then why the heart is getting weak from inside. Is the heart not able to bear the pressure of the blood? Let’s talk about these today.

Why youth is becoming a victim of cardiac arrest
Doctors say that usually there are many reasons behind heart attack. Cardiac arrests in people over the age of 35 are due to coronary artery disease. There are many reasons behind cardiac arrest in youth. Some of these are given below.

  • In hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the heart muscle becomes thick. This worsens the blood supply and there is a possibility of cardiac arrest.
  • Coronary artery abnormalities are found in very few people. In this disease, the coronary arteries are not connected properly. Due to this, during heart work or exercise, the blood supply to the heart is not done properly and there is a possibility of cardiac arrest.
  • Long QT syndrome is a genetic disease. In this, the heartbeat becomes very fast or low many times. Cardiac arrest can also come from this.
  • Brugada syndrome is also a genetic disease. Even in this the heartbeat is not correct. There is a difference between swelling in the heart and the texture of the heart. Cardiac arrest can also come from this.

What is cardiac arrest?

In cardiac arrest, the heart stops working in a flash. Due to this the heartbeat stops. Blood cannot reach other parts of the body. In whatever condition the patient is, he falls there. Such patients need immediate treatment. Along with giving CPR, call an ambulance or immediately take the patient to the nearest hospital. Cardiac arrest can also lead to death if not treated on time.

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See a doctor immediately if you have symptoms
Whether it is cardiac arrest or heart attack, it definitely gives some or the other symptoms. The symptoms of heart attack start appearing several months or years in advance. Whereas cardiac arrest is a sudden arrest. Its symptoms start appearing a few minutes earlier. For example, restlessness in the body, sweating, palpitations, chest pain are included. In case of any such problem, inform the person present immediately. Get treated by a doctor.

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