Causes of anxiety: These 5 reasons can increase the problem of anxiety, be alert in advance

Causes of anxiety: Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, but people who suffer from it constantly have to deal with excessive and persistent worry and fear even in their daily routine. Agitation can affect daily activities and it becomes difficult to control them. In such a situation, the patient starts going anywhere or ignoring every situation to avoid it. Its symptoms start appearing in childhood itself. Anxiety disorder is the most common type of emotional disorder and can affect anyone. There can be many reasons for this. Let’s know, what are the reasons for the problem of anxiety?

What can be the reasons for the problem of anxiety?
Mayo Clinic According to, the causes of anxiety problems can be complicated. The reasons for this are not yet fully understood. In people who already have anxiety problems, life experiences such as a trauma event can trigger anxiety disorders. Some of the causes of anxiety are as follows:

environmental stressors: Like having problem in work, having problem in relationship or family.

genetics: People in whose family someone has this problem, they also have an increased possibility of having this problem.

medical factors: Such as symptoms of various diseases, effects of medication or stress caused by any intensive surgery etc.

Brain Chemistry: Which psychologists define many anxiety disorders as misalignments of hormones and electrical signals in the brain.

drug use: Alcohol, drugs and other addictions can also be the cause of anxiety. There can be some other reasons for this as well. Along with this, there can be some risk factors of anxiety.

risk factors
Some factors can increase the risk of anxiety, which are as follows:
stress due to illness
-stress buildup
-Other mental health disorders
-drugs or alcohol

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