Chaitra Navratri 2023 Recipe: If you have kept fast, then make potato patties in fruit, you will like the spicy taste, learn the recipe

Aloo Pettis Recipe: Potato patties are very much liked as a fruit during fasting. Aloo patties can be eaten during fasting during the nine days of Chaitra Navratri. Maa Durga is specially worshiped during the nine-day long Chaitra Navratri. Devotees of Mata observe fast for nine days. Many people do only fruit during this time. In such a situation, eating the same fruit every day can cause boredom. In such a situation, potato patties can also be made as a new dish. Everyone likes its taste very much.
After eating potato patties, the stomach feels full for a long time. Along with this, the recipe to prepare it is also very simple. If you have never tried the recipe of potato patties at home, then you can make tasty potato patties very easily by following our mentioned method.

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Ingredients for making potato patties
Potato – 1/2 kg
Water chestnut flour – 1 bowl
Curd – 1/2 cup
Green chili – 4
Green coriander – 2 tbsp
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Cumin powder – 1/2 tsp
Rock salt – as per taste
Groundnut oil – for frying
dry fruits

Potato Patties Recipe
To make Fruity Potato Patties, first boil the potatoes and then peel off the potatoes and mash them well in a utensil. After this, cut green chilies, green coriander into fine pieces and crush ginger. Now add chopped green chilies, coriander and cumin powder to the mashed potatoes and mix well. After this, mix water chestnut flour in it. Mix well for one minute.

Now prepare balls in equal proportion of the mixture. If you wish, you can make the patties round and then press them with your palms to keep them oval. After preparing all the potato patties from the mixture, keep them in a plate. Now take a pan and put oil in it and heat it on medium flame. After the oil is hot, add potato patties according to the capacity of the pan and deep fry them.

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Fry the patties from both the sides by turning them till they turn golden in color and become crispy. After this, take out the potato patties in a plate. Similarly deep fry all the potato patties. Tasty potato patties are ready for fruit meal. You can serve them with curd.

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