Chaitra Navratri 2023: Worship Maa Kalaratri on the seventh day of Navratri like this, know the worship method and mantra

On Tuesday i.e. March 28, there is a law to worship Kalaratri, the seventh form of Maa Durga. Seeing the army of Shumbha-Nishumbha, Maa Durga’s complexion turned dark with anger. Maa Kalratri is also known as Shubhankari Devi. Jaggery should be offered in their worship.

Today i.e. March 28 is the seventh day of Navratri. Today, there is a ritual of worshiping and worshiping Maa Kalratri, the seventh form of Maa Durga. Maa Kalratri is also known as the goddess of Tanksha-Mantra and Yantra. According to astrological belief, Maa Kalaratri controls the planet Saturn, worshiping her removes the ill effects of Saturn. The worship of Maa Kalaratri on Saptami is also like the worship of other days. Those who do Tantra Sadhana do special worship of Maa Kalratri at night. This form of Maa Durga saves her devotees from premature death.

form of Maa Kalratri

Mother Kalratri’s hair is scattered. The garland around his neck is as resplendent as lightning. Maa Kalratri has been described as the destroyer of demonic powers. According to the legend, when the army of Shumbha and Nishumbha got ready for war with the mother, she got very angry. Mother Durga’s complexion turned dark due to anger. Goddess Kalratri appeared from this dark form. For the devotees, this form of mother is affectionate. For this reason, she has also been called Shubhankari.

Mantra of Maa Kalratri

Hail Goddess Chamunde Hail Bhutarti Harini.

Jai Sarvgate Devi Kalratri Namostute ॥

Om Ain Sarvaprashamanam Trailokyasya Akhileshwari.

Evmev Tvatha Karyasmad Vairivinashanam Namo Sen Ain Om.

Maa Kalratri Puja Method

On the seventh day of Chaitra Navratri, take bath etc. in the morning and wear clean clothes and meditate on Maa Durga. Maa Kalratri is worshiped like any other day. Offer kumkum, red flowers, roli etc. to Maa Kalratri during worship. Maa Kalratri should be garlanded with lemon and hibiscus flowers. After this, light an oil lamp in front of the mother. Offer red flowers to Maa Kalaratri on the seventh day of Navratri. Then aarti should be performed after reciting Siddha Kunjika Stotra, Kali Purana, Kali Chalisa, Argala Stotram. Maa Kalaratri should be offered dishes made of jaggery or jaggery.

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