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Chanakya Niti: If you are getting defeat continuously, then adopt these qualities of lion, success will be in fist

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya had defeated Alexander on the basis of his clever policies to protect India. Chanakya says that the bigger the goal, the more difficulties will come. It is said that one should not give up until the destination is found. Those who believe only in victory, in the end success belongs to them. Chanakya has told that when faced with constant defeat or disappointment, then remember this one thing of Chanakya. After considering this thing, you will get success in every work.

Prabhutamkaryamlapavantanarah Kartumichhati.

Sarvaarambhentatkaryam Singhadekamprakakshate

  • Acharya Chanakya has told the basic mantra of success in the 16th verse of the sixth chapter. Chanakya gives the example of a lion and explains that just as a lion tries with full concentration to get its prey, in the same way a man should remain focused in achieving his goal. If the attention is diverted, both the opportunity and the success will be lost and then to get it again, you will have to start from zero. Concentration determines the measure of success of a person.
  • The lion puts all his power to pounce on his prey, in the same way a person will be able to achieve success only if he works hard towards his work by being honest. If you do the work with full energy from the beginning, then the way forward will be accessible. At the same time, if you show laziness in the beginning, then it is sure to fail.
  • Looseness towards work removes success from us. If you do work by adopting these methods of Chanakya, then success will be in your fist. Just as a lion does not give any chance to its prey to escape, similarly do not leave any chance to achieve its target.

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