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Chanakya Niti: Never leave these things for the sake of money, they will remain neither of the house nor of the Ghat.

Chanakya Niti: Money is very essential for livelihood. A person makes every possible effort to earn money. Maa Lakshmi has been considered very fickle. Where money is not valued, it is boasted of. It does not take long for such a person to become a king. Chanakya has told many policies regarding money. Chanakya says that for a few rupees a man leaves the company of such things which is not only foolish but such a person goes on the brink of poverty. Money can be earned again if it goes out of hand, but if these three things are lost in the process of earning money then it is very difficult to get them back.

self respect

Self-respect is that capital of a person which can never be bought. Earning self respect is much more difficult than earning money. The lost money can be recovered but once the self respect is hurt then the person dies mole by mole. Never put your self respect at stake to earn money. Such people neither live in the house nor in the ghat. According to Chanakya, a person full of self-respect is richer than a person who is intoxicated with money.


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The one who keeps religion firmly, does not keep Kartar. That is, where there is no religion, there is Vidya, Lakshmi. There is lack of health etc., a person without religion is like zero. Chanakya says that religion should never be sacrificed for money. A person who leaves religion for money loses his reputation, as well as the feeling of greed takes him to the path of unrighteousness.

loved one

When money comes in between relationships, there is bound to be a rift there. Chanakya says that one should never shy away from sacrificing money for love, family because money will support for a moment but your loved ones will support you till death. The pride of money brings sourness in relationships. Once the thread of relationship is broken, even if we connect it again, there will definitely be a knot. That’s why never weigh love with money.

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