Chanakya Niti: Old age will be filled with happiness and peace, never leave these 3 things together

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya says that those whose life is disciplined, success definitely knocks at their door. A man’s life becomes meaningful only when he maintains a balance between his work and responsibilities. Acharya Chanakya says that old age is that stage of life where every person wants to live a life of happiness and comfort. Chanakya has told that in order to get happiness and peace in this phase, what things should not be left with a person till old age. This will help you to stay healthy and happy always.

good use of money

Money is such a thing that explains the difference between oneself and others. As long as you have money, your relations and relationships will be questioned everywhere, but when there is a lack of money, you leave your own company as well. This sorrow increases even more when a person is in old age, that’s why Chanakya says that always make good use of money. If you save money then you will not need to spread your hand in front of anyone in old age.


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Self-confidence comes from discipline and practice. Chanakya says that those who do all their work on time, live their daily routine in a disciplined manner, they never have to depend on anyone. He achieves his every goal. According to Chanakya, if a person has the habit of doing his work at the right time and in the right way from the beginning, then he does not have to suffer in old age. Eating, sleeping, waking up at a fixed time, exercising, he does every work on a fixed schedule. Which is very important for good health. Discipline should never be abandoned. It is said that those who have the courage to walk alone and with discipline, one day there are convoys behind them.


Chanakya says that when a person helps someone selflessly, he never remains sad and upset in life. Charity and kindness is the biggest religion. Your help today shapes your tomorrow. Old age passes with happiness and peace. Always keep your hands open for help.

Chanakya Niti: These things make the path of success easy, the adopters forget the pain

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