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Chanakya Niti: This one thing is the biggest reason for human suffering, if you control it then life will be successful.

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya changed the course of Indian history on the strength of his scholarship and abilities. There is hardly any subject on which Chanakya has not studied. Chanakya has carefully considered every point for human welfare.

Chanakya says that sorrow and happiness are companions in the journey of life. Those who keep coming and going in human life from time to time, but there is one such thing which becomes the reason for human’s sorrow. According to Chanakya, if you control this, then happiness will never turn away from you. Let us know for what reason sorrows come in human life.

Man himself invites sorrow in his life by his actions – Acharya Chanakya

  • Karma is worship, that is, as the person who does good deeds gets respect everywhere, in the same way, the person who does bad deeds is always surrounded by sorrows. Chanakya says that a person’s actions become the cause of his happiness and sorrow. Along with the present, a man also gets the fruits of his actions in his previous birth. Chanakya says that if you cannot do good to others, then do not do bad either.
  • Happiness and sorrow are not permanent, but the person who is mostly surrounded by the shadow of sorrow and troubles, it remains the result of his deeds. Sooner or later, the fruits of one’s actions are received in this very birth. As soon as the time of happiness comes, man forgets the time of his sorrow and then he does not understand the difference between big and small, bad and good. He commits many mistakes at the family, economic and social level, this again becomes the cause of his sorrow. That’s why Chanakya says that a person invites sorrow by his own actions.

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