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Chandra Grahan 2022: What will be the effect of lunar eclipse on your life today? read your horoscope


The start time of lunar eclipse in Delhi is at 05.32 pm.
Taurus people can get an opportunity to make a career abroad.

Chandra Grahan 2022 Rashifal: There is going to be a lunar eclipse this evening. The start time of lunar eclipse in Delhi is at 05.32 pm and it will end at 06.19 pm. Moon is an important planet in astrology and an eclipse on it will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. This lunar eclipse can be auspicious for some, then it can prove to be a negative effect for someone. Dr. Mrityunjay Tiwari, Head of the Department of Astrology, Shri Kallaji Vedic University Know from this that what will be the effect of lunar eclipse on 12 zodiac signs.

lunar eclipse 2022 horoscope

Aries: People of your zodiac will have to be careful at work place due to lunar eclipse. You have to work with patience. The financial side will be good. There will be new possibilities of moving forward in business.

Taurus: There may be an opportunity to make a career abroad. You may be worried about position and prestige. Businessmen will have to work cautiously.

Gemini: Your financial condition will be strong due to the benefits of money. Recognition from elders will increase. There will be opportunities to move forward in business. In love relationships, there will be trouble with ego.

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Cancer: Salary of salaried people can increase, there will be profit in business. You have to take care of yourself and your father’s health.

Leo: Business people may have to travel, this will benefit you. However, while taking any big decision, you need to think carefully. Don’t let tension get in the relationship.

Virgo: Decisions have to be made in career by being a little careful. Take care of your money investment. Do not do illegal actions, otherwise you can get into trouble. Take care of health.

Libra: Your financial condition will be fine. Invest money wisely. It will be beneficial for the future. Don’t take stress. Respect the views of the business partner.

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Scorpio: You will get an opportunity to make changes in career. Advice received from elders will come in handy. Education is the sum of success in competition. Rest is also necessary along with work, otherwise health will be bad.

Sagittarius: Increase in salary will strengthen the financial condition and increase in fame and fame. There may be tension in your love life. Work with patience. Treat your life partner with a calm mind.

Capricorn: There will be opportunities for profit in business. You can get some happy news. If you do not make any investment in this time, then it will be fine. Take care of your mother’s health.

Aquarius: There is a possibility of getting good benefits of investments made in the past. You can plan to travel somewhere. However, you should take care of your health as breathing problems may occur.

Pisces: Extravagance should be avoided, otherwise you may get into financial trouble. Treat everyone with restraint and use the right language, otherwise the work done will also get spoiled. Keep your mind calm.

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