Children are troubled by cold and cough in the changing season, so know the solution from the doctor here

How To Prevent Cough Cold In Kids: In the winter season, most of the parents complain that their children always have the problem of cough and cold, due to which they not only have a bad night, they feel tired and sick throughout the day. Many times, because of this, children are not able to go to school, due to which there is a loss in their studies as well. In such a situation, if you take special care of their lifestyle, food and other health related things as soon as winter arrives, then the immunity of the children can be strengthened naturally. Associate Consultant, Sitaram Indian Institute of Science and Research Pediatrics Dr Prashant Tyagi Gave detailed information about how children can be saved from cough and cold in the changing season. Let’s know in detail.

Do this work to save children from cough and cold

pay attention to diet
Pediatrics Dr Prashant Tyagi
It says that keep children away from things like carbonated cold drinks, packaged juices, processed juices, excessive consumption of chocolate or candy, flavored curd, plain curd and bananas.

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lifestyle changes
Avoid going to crowded or dusty places with children. Avoid heavy curtains, leather furniture, carpets, damp walls, soft toys, fur jackets, dusty blankets and bedding in the child’s bedroom. By removing these things, you can reduce indoor pollution. It would be beneficial to dry the bed mattresses in the sun from time to time.

breathing exercise is necessary
It has been proved in many scientific studies that breathing in and exhaling rapidly through the nose while keeping the mouth closed, Pranayama, Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati etc. helps in relieving sinus problems in children. For this, let the child play musical instruments like blowing balloons, mouth organ, flute. These things also work to strengthen the lungs and treat lung tissue by improving oxygenation.

take care of medication
Include things like turmeric, cinnamon, clove, basil, ginger, garlic etc. in children’s food.
Do not give chavanprash, churna or homeopathic things to children without doctor’s advice.

You can use allopathic medicines like normal saline nasal drops, cetirizine, moisturizer. They can be used to remove common problems of children.

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Give regular vitamin D supplement till the age of 5 years. It works to prevent allergies and frequent infections.

Children must be vaccinated against influenza in the months of April/May and October/November. If you have not installed it till now, then still take it as soon as possible. This works to prevent the possibility of school-borne flu and pneumonia. Keep giving all the vaccines to the children on time.

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