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Children become angry due to fear, stress and restlessness, know the reason for child anger – reasons for anger in child handle with care in hindi – News18 Hindi


The environment of the house can affect the nature of the child.
Fear and stress also make children aggressive.

Reasons For Anger In Child: Anger is an emotion which is a medium to show displeasure towards someone. Getting angry in children is also a normal thing. But many times so much anger is born inside the child that they start becoming aggressive and many times they start taking wrong steps due to lack of control. In such a situation, their anger starts becoming a problem for the parents as well as the children. According to the NHS, there can be many reasons for anger in children. In such a situation, it is necessary for the parents to handle the situation with a very cool head. Here we tell you when the anger inside the child starts taking the form of aggression and what could be the reason for being angry all the time.

Due to these reasons children start getting angry

family environment
If the atmosphere of the house is full of tension and the members of the house keep fighting with each other, then it affects the mentality of the child rapidly. Therefore, never fight in front of the child in a loud voice or in an aggressive manner.

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problem in friendship
Many times children get emotionally hurt due to tension between friends or some kind of personal problem. In such a situation, children become aggressive due to not being able to express their feelings properly or being introverted.

to be bullied
Due to being worried about something or being a victim of a bully, the child starts living under stress and due to not being able to share his point of view and feeling helpless, he starts becoming aggressive.

studies or exams
If the child is not satisfied with his studies or is not able to do well in school academics or is under stress due to the examination, even then it starts affecting his behaviour.

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excessive stress about something

Many times children start living in extreme tension, anxiety and fear about something. Such emotion fills aggression inside them.

hormonal changes
When children go into teenage, there are many hormonal changes in their body and this affects their emotions as well. They feel irritated all the time and get upset at every point. If the parents pay attention to these things and help them, then they will be able to recover themselves emotionally and feel relaxed.

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