Children going to school for PTM, must ask 6 important questions to teacher, will be helpful in parenting

Important Questions for PTM in School: Parents teacher meeting is held from time to time in all the schools. At the same time, during PTM, the parents along with the teachers discuss the progress report of the children. However, parents often forget to ask some important questions to teachers in PTM. To know the strength and weakness of the children, you can ask some questions to the teachers in PTM. With the help of which you can not only enhance the skills of children but also improve their weaknesses. So let’s know some tips to interact with teachers in PTM, by following which you can raise children better.


Talk on class performance: In PTM, you can ask the teacher questions related to the class performance of the children. From this you will know how the child is in studies and whether he completes the class work on time. By paying attention to which you can make the child the best student of the class. (Image-Canva)


Ask about the behavior: In PTM, you can get information about the behavior of the child from the teacher. Find out about the child’s attitude towards teachers and friends. And if the child does not behave well in school. So by finding out the reason for this, you can make the child the good boy of the class. (Image-Canva)


Ask subject related questions: Children are very fast in some subjects. So there children are also weak in many subjects. In such a situation, discuss all the subjects with the teacher during PTM and try to help the child in the week subject. Due to which the child’s interest in studies will increase. (Image-Canva)


Identify the skill: Children take part in many activities in school. In such a situation, the teachers know very well about the talents of the children. So ask the teacher in the school about the good habits of the children. By paying attention to which you can improve the skills of the children. (Image-Canva)


Find out about the child’s sadness: Sometimes the child is very happy at home. But the child becomes sad and sad while going to school. In such a situation, ask the teacher questions related to the child’s happiness. On the other hand, if the child remains depressed in school. So by knowing the reason of sadness, you can remove the child’s problem. (Image-Canva)


Take Overall Progress Report: Discuss the overall progress report of the child with the teacher at the end of the PTM. In such a situation, ask the teacher how you can help the child in his studies or personality development. On the other hand, by paying attention to the words of the teacher, you can contribute significantly in the better development of the child. (Image-Canva)

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