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Cigarette smoking can cause problems ranging from lungs to fertility, know other dangers


Cigarette smoking can cause fertility problems.
Cigarettes can cause many types of cancer.

Smoking Harmful Effects On Body: We all have been hearing this thing that smoking cigarettes causes a lot of damage to our health. Cigarette not only weakens the immunity of our body but also causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems etc. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoke damages almost all the organs of the body and causes many diseases. Cigarette smoking badly affects the respiratory system, circulatory system, reproductive system, skin and eyes and increases the risk of many types of cancer. Today we will tell you what changes happen in the body by smoking cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking causes these dangers to the body

damage to the lungs According to Medical News Today, When people start smoking cigarettes, the human starts inhaling the nicotine present in it, which causes a lot of damage to the lungs. According to the CDC, 9 out of 10 people diagnosed with lung cancer are found to be cigarette smokers.

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Heart disease- Cigarette smoking can damage the heart, blood vessels and blood cells, which can lead to heart attack and heart blockage.

Fertility problem- Cigarette smoking can cause fertility problems to start faster in women than in men. Cigarette smoking can cause problems in pregnancy. Apart from this, consumption of tobacco in any way causes hormonal changes in men and the sperm quality starts declining.

Type 2 Diabetes- According to the report of the CDC, 30 to 40 percent of people who are chain smokers start having problems with type 2 diabetes.

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weakening of immunity- Cigarette makes our immunity system weak and increases inflammation in many places in the body. Because of which a person always starts getting sick.

problem with vision Due to cigarette, there can be problems in seeing people, dryness in the eyes, glaucoma, diabetes, cataract etc.

Problem in mouth Swelling of gums, bleeding teeth, sensitive teeth, falling of teeth, etc., are at fault due to smoking.

Problems with skin, hair and nails Due to excessive consumption of cigarettes, hair starts falling slowly, wrinkles start appearing on the face before age, there is a problem of breaking nails and they can also have the problem of skin cancer.

May be cancer Cigarette can be the cause of many types of cancer in the body. This can lead to mouth cancer, larynx cancer, throat cancer, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer and leukemia.

Nervous system is affected- The central nervous system of a smoker gets damaged. Because nicotine increases blood pressure and heart rate and due to this all these organs gradually become weak.

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