Clouds of crisis on the jobs of 10000 employees of Amazon, CEO said – Layoffs will continue till 2023


Amazon CEO said – The plan regarding retrenchment will continue till 2023.
Evaluation of the performance and role of all the employees of the company is going on.
Many employees will be fired due to poor performance.

New Delhi. Veteran e-commerce company Amazon has reacted to the layoffs in the company. Chief Executive Officer Andy Jesse said that the company will cut jobs in 2023 also in view of business-related activities. For this, all the leaders of the company are working with their team and will take decisions based on the performance of the employees. Because it matters more for the betterment of our customers and business activities.

CEO Jesse said “This year the review remains more difficult because of whether the challenging conditions in the economy will continue. We’ve hired people faster than we have in the last several years.”

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Notice of possible layoffs given to employees
Jesse said people in the company’s appliances and books businesses were informed and some in Amazon’s “People, Experience and Technology” organization, which includes recruiters and human resources professionals, were offered voluntary buyouts. According to documents obtained by Bloomberg, many employees were given 60 days to find a new job, after which they would be given tenure-based layoff compensation if they fail to take on the new role.

The picture will be clear in early 2023
He said, “Our annual planning process lasts until the new year, which means there will be further job cuts in the staff role. We will continue our process regarding this. These decisions will be communicated to affected employees and organizations in early 2023.

Explain that Amazon is planning to lay off more than 10,000 employees in “corporate and technology” worldwide. This decision of the company has come at a time when other leading technology companies have laid off thousands of employees. Among these, Meta and Twitter are prominent. At the same time, these companies have also slowed down new hiring.

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