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Colorectal Cancer: Not only women, men are also victims of colorectal cancer, know the symptoms


Colorectal cancer can also occur due to poor lifestyle.
In India, more men than women are at risk of this cancer.

National Cancer Awareness Day 2022: Every year lakhs of people are dying of cancer in India. National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated every year on 7 November in the country to educate people about this serious disease. This day was first declared by the Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan in the year 2014. For a long time, cases of colorectal cancer have been seen increasing rapidly in the country. Not only this, men are becoming more victims of it than women. Bad lifestyle has been considered responsible behind this.

Colorectal cancer starts in the colon or rectum ie the rectum. It is also known as colon cancer and rectal cancer. These two are usually seen together, as they have many characteristics.

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that’s how it starts
Colorectal cancer begins with growth in the inner lining of the colon and rectum. This growth is called polyps. Over time some polyps develop into cancer. However, not all polyps become cancerous, it is completely dependent on the type of polyps.

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Symptoms of colorectal cancer
– Constipation or diarrhea persisting
– yellowing of the skin
– Feeling of not clearing the bowels all the time
– Severe pain or cramping persists in the abdomen
– weight loss
– blood in the stool
– complaining of bloating
– Feeling tired and weak all the time
– Difficulty in breathing
– frequent urination
– blood in urine

Avoiding such a diet
After knowing the symptoms of colorectal cancer, let’s take a look at its cause. People who are not physically active and take unbalanced diet. In simple words, it can be understood that those who reduce the intake of fruits and vegetables and consume more amount of red meat and processed meat, they are more at risk. Not only this, people suffering from obesity are also more likely to fall prey to it. At the same time, genetic factors are responsible behind colorectal cancer in some people.



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