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Composting is necessary for the longevity of plants, prepare in this way at home


Compost is necessary for the growth of trees and plants.
Compost can be easily prepared at home.
Waste of fruits and vegetables can be used to make compost.

How To Prepare Compost: Just as we need food, air, and water to survive, plants need nutrient-rich soil and manure to grow. Plants can become weak and lifeless if necessary nutrients are not available. In such a situation, home-made compost rich in nutrients can be given to the plant. It is very easy to make compost at home. It can be much better and more fertile than the expensive and less fertile compost available in the market. Let us know how compost can be prepared at home.

what is composting
According to Healthline, compost is a type of organic material that is added to the soil for plant growth. Fruits, vegetables and leaf waste are used to make it. Compost helps the soil retain more moisture and nutrients. It also prevents soil erosion. Compost is more beneficial than synthetic fertilizer. Many organic things can be included in this.

How to make compost at home
First of all, determine the place to make compost. It requires some shade and plenty of water. To prepare compost, a pit of 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep is required. It is made in a warm area so that the bacteria can break down the organic material properly. Compost tumblers can be used to make compost in small homes. This will make it easier to rotate and mix the composting material. There are many types of compost which can be made according to the availability of the material.

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cow dung compost
Dung compost is prepared from animal dung. Especially buffalo and cow dung are included in this. It is a very fertile compost which can be prepared at home as well. To make it, you can bring buffalo dung from any tabla. Put the cow dung in a pit after mixing it with soil. Then add some water to it. Cover the pit to retain heat. Keep mixing this mixture daily with the help of a stick. Compost will be ready in 5 to 7 days.

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Compost of fruit and vegetable waste
It is very easy to make compost of fruits and vegetables. Peels, seeds and waste of fruits and vegetables are used to make it. Apart from this, leaves of trees and plants and grass can be used in this. To make compost, mix fruits and vegetables and leaves with soil in a pit. And add some water to it. Keep in mind that it is very important to cover the pit. Keep stirring the compost every day. As things rot, compost will be prepared.
Compost is used for the growth of plants. It is very easy to make. You can take the advice of an expert to prepare compost.

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