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Consume bottle gourd juice in this way in winter, along with weight, cholesterol level will also be reduced, there will be these 9 benefits – lauki juice keep blood sugar level in control help in weight loss bottle gourd or lauki juice benefits in hindi


Bottle gourd juice is very good for heart health.
You can drink bottle gourd juice to lose weight.

Lauki Juice Benefits in winter: Most people do not like to eat gourd vegetable, but do you know that gourd is a very beneficial vegetable? Especially in the winter season, it is very healthy to drink vegetable or juice made of it. If you do not like its vegetable, then try drinking bottle gourd juice. However, bottle gourd has a cooling effect, so boil bottle gourd before making juice, then prepare its juice. This will not cause cold and flu. Many types of nutrients are present in gourd like vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B9 etc. All these play the role of antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals. Apart from this, gourd juice also contains potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus etc. Let us know what are the benefits of drinking bottle gourd juice.

health benefits of drinking bottle gourd juice

1. Often people do not go out of the house much due to laziness in winter, due to which the problem of weight gain starts. If you drink bottle gourd juice then weight will not increase. Its use detoxes the body and is also effective in reducing weight. According to a news published in bbodywise.com, bottle gourd juice is low in calories and lipids, which makes it an excellent weight loss drink. Plus, it’s high in fiber, which keeps you feeling full for longer. This does not cause hunger very often and you avoid overeating.

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2. Bottle gourd juice is also good for heart health. If you drink bottle gourd juice on an empty stomach for 90 consecutive days, it can reduce cholesterol level. This vegetable contains high soluble dietary fiber, which helps in keeping your blood pressure in balance.

3. Gourd contains high amount of choline. It is a neurotransmitter, which aids in the healthy functioning of brain cells. It can also prove to be effective in avoiding mental illnesses. Consuming this juice can be beneficial even in case of depression.

4. Bottle gourd juice is also good for stomach health. Whether it is winter or summer, people are often troubled by the problem of constipation. It contains fiber and antioxidants, so drinking bottle gourd juice helps in proper digestion. This juice cleanses the digestive tract and corrects bowel movement, which maintains good stomach health. The problem of constipation, diarrhea also goes away.

5. Drinking gourd juice can also get rid of many skin related problems in winter. This does not cause dry skin. Skin glows by drinking gourd juice. Since bottle gourd juice also acts as a natural cleanser, which removes toxins from the body, it is best for skin as well as overall health.

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6. If your hair falls a lot, you can apply bottle gourd juice to your hair along with drinking it. Apply gourd juice on the scalp and leave it for a while. Then clean the hair. By doing this regularly, you will be saved from the problem of white hair and baldness.

7. The quantity of choline is high in gourd juice. The level of stress can be reduced by its use. Also reduces the symptoms of anxiety.

8. If you have diabetes problem, you can also consume it to control blood sugar. It has a high amount of water and fiber, which is considered a better vegetable for diabetes patients. This vegetable is cold in nature, so do not drink too much of its juice. Especially, when you have a problem of cold and cough. Also, avoid consuming it daily in cold weather.

9. Bottle gourd juice is also good for the kidneys, as it helps in reducing inflammation in the kidneys. Reduces high acid, which causes painful kidney stones. Also, the low fat and high dietary fiber present in it make it the best vegetable for the kidneys, as it can be easily digested.

Note: If you want to drink gourd juice in the winter season, then boil it a little first, so that it is easier for you to digest cold, cough, sore throat, stomach.

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