Consume multigrain rotis in diet, follow these tips while making, Chapati will become round and soft without tearing

How to make Multigrain Roti: Consuming bread in food is a part of the complete diet of most people. On the other hand, due to being rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, many people prefer to eat multigrain rotis in the diet. Multigrain roti is healthy as well as looks very tasty to eat. However, while making multigrain roti, it often gets torn. In such a situation, by following some great tricks and tips, you can prepare round and soft rotis in minutes from multigrain flour without tearing.

While making rotis of multigrain flour, it often gets torn. So at the same time, sometimes the bread becomes crooked and thick too. In such a situation, the taste of multigrain rotis also starts deteriorating. So let us tell you some smart tips to make multigrain roti, by following which you can easily prepare perfect and tasty roti.

Dough Kneading Tips
Knead the flour well to make multigrain roti. Now don’t make the mistake of making roti directly from flour. This makes roti very hard. Therefore, after kneading the dough, keep it covered for about 20 minutes. Due to this, gluten will develop in multigrain flour. Due to which your rotis will become very soft.

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use prothan
While making wheat breads, people use only the required amount of wheat flour. But to make multigrain roti, knead the dough thoroughly. With this roti will not stick on the pan and it will be very easy for you to make roti. Along with this, there will be less chances of roti bursting due to applying prothan.

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Tips for making multigrain roti
While making multigrain roti, many people start rolling it very thin and big, due to which the roti breaks. In this case, while making roti from multigrain flour, try to keep it small and thick. This will keep your roti round and soft instead of hard.

help with clothes
After making roti of multigrain flour, some people keep it like this. Due to which the roti becomes hard. In this case, after making roti, you can keep it wrapped in a clean cloth. This will keep the roti warm and soft for a long time. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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