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Consuming these things with radish can cause harm to health – what should you not eat after radish – News18 Hindi


Consumption of milk should be avoided immediately after eating radish.
Consuming orange along with radish can also cause problems in digestion.

What Should You Not Eat After Radish: Radish is such a vegetable which people like to eat in the form of salad. It is also very beneficial for health. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are found in plenty in radish, which is also beneficial in repairing damaged cells and controlling blood sugar level. But many people start having many health-related problems like gas formation in the stomach after eating radish. This problem actually depends on how we are consuming radish. So come, let us tell you today how to consume radish and what things to keep in mind while eating it.

Do not eat these things after eating radish

of Noida Dietician Kamini Sinha According to when we consume milk immediately after or just before eating radish, it can cause inflammation in the body. Not only this, due to excessive fiber in radish, there can be a problem of digestion.

Many people also take chopped cucumber along with radish in salad. But let us tell you that eating these two together can harm our health. By doing this, there may be a problem of rashes or rashes on the skin.

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Kamini says that orange is a citric fruit, if radish is consumed with it, it can cause allergies. Not only this, consumption of these two together can also cause problems of gas and indigestion in the stomach.

Bitter gourd
If you are consuming radish while eating and eating bitter gourd along with it, then it can cause stomach problems. Many people may have to face problems related to breath and heart on doing this.

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Be aware if you are eating radish with hot tea. Taking these two together can cause acidity and constipation.

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