Converting old petrol or diesel car into EV, wait first know its advantages and disadvantages, otherwise you will lose millions


The old car can be converted into electric at a cost of Rs 3 to 10 lakh.
The government also gives subsidy on conversion.
This subsidy varies from state to state.

New Delhi. 10 year old diesel and 15 year old petrol cars are now banned from running on the roads under the scrappage policy. In such a situation, instead of scrapping their cars, some people are converting them into electric vehicles. If you also want to do this, then you can do so through retrofitting. After this, you will be able to drive your old car easily by converting it into an electric car. However, to do this you have to follow a complete process. You will first have to get the registration of your old car canceled from the RTO and then get it registered again as an electric vehicle after converting the car by contacting a government recognized electric kit manufacturer company.

However, retrofitting has some advantages and disadvantages as well. In such a situation, before getting this done, we should pay attention to all its aspects and take a decision considering our needs. So let us know what are the advantages and disadvantages of converting an old car to electric.

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cost too much
If you have a small car and you want a low capacity battery pack and motor, then its cost comes from 3 to 6 lakh rupees, but if you take a high capacity battery pack, then it also goes up to 10 lakh rupees. In such a situation, now getting a battery pack worth Rs 10 lakh can be a loss-making deal. The reason for this is that now you can get a new electric car for ten lakh rupees, which will also have a good range and will also get subsidy from the government.

have to do and spend
Apart from the parts that come with the motor and battery pack, you may also have to spend a lot on the suspension and body line of the car. Being an old car, many times the chassis has to be altered due to fitting problems. Whose cost becomes very high.

old car will be new
The biggest advantage of this is that you will be able to drive your old vehicle on the legal road again. Along with this, its registration will also be new and after being electric, it will become new to some extent.

Will get the benefit of subsidy
Subsidy is also being given by the government for retrofitting. However, for this you have to check that in the state where you are going to get retrofitting done, what is the provision of subsidy and how much is being received.

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