Cornflakes can also harm health, these patients should not consume at all, very bad results in research

Cornflakes Side Effects: In the modern lifestyle, our eating habits have also changed. Today no one has enough time to cook food all the three times. People have started liking ready-made things more. This is the reason that nowadays the trend of having cornflakes for breakfast in the morning has increased. People eat it mixed with milk in the morning. If cornflakes are made only from maize flour, then there is no harm in it, but in fact, to make cornflakes tasty, many things are added to it, which can prove to be harmful for health.

To make cornflakes tasty, strawberries, mixed fruits, almonds and organic honey are added to it. If even this much thing is added then it will have less fat but when added sugar and salt are added to it and it is processed, then it becomes bad for health.

Risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes
In the news of Healthshot, nutritionist Kavita Devgan says that there is a deficiency of nutrients in cornflakes and there is also less fiber in it. Hence it does not suppress appetite. People get hungry soon after eating cornflakes. Along with this, it is also not good for health and heart. The British Heart Foundation has also said that cornflakes, when consumed alone as a whole grain, are not a good nutritional substitute. Along with this, you should also consume fruits in the morning. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, if you take processed food then it has many disadvantages. It also increases the risk of cancer. According to research, something can be made tasty by adding added fat, sugar and sodium but not healthy. Due to this, there is a risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Not good for diabetes patients

According to Dr Frank Hu of the prestigious Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, added sugars can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, fatty liver disease and obesity. For this reason, the risk of heart attack and stroke always looms large due to these things. Since the high glycemic index of cornflakes is more than 82, it is not a better option for diabetic patients under any circumstances.

High fructose corn syrup in cornflakes

To make cornflakes tasty, high fructose corn syrup is added to it. According to Plos One research, the risk of metabolic dysregulation greatly increases due to excessive consumption of fructose. That is, the metabolism of the body gets disturbed. Therefore, if you consume cornflakes, then it is important to know its side effects as well.

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