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Corona is having a bad effect on the fertility of men! Shocking revelations from research

Coronavirus Effect on Male Fertility: For almost two years, the whole world is battling the corona epidemic. Till now crores of people have been infected with this virus and many people have lost their lives due to this disease. Since the beginning of the corona epidemic, scientists are continuously doing research on it. Recently a new research has come out in which it has been claimed that the corona virus also has a very bad effect on the fertility of men. It has also been found in this research that even after mild symptoms, the corona virus is affecting the fertility of men badly.

It is worth noting that IIT-Bombay has claimed in its study that even after being a victim of corona virus and having mild symptoms, the virus has a very bad effect on the proteins made in the body of men (which is necessary for reproduction). is. Due to this, people may have to face difficulties in having a child in future. The study done by IIT-Bombay has been published in a magazine named ‘ACS Omega’. Researchers from IIT-Bombay as well as researchers from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai were also involved in this research. In this research, the sperm count of those men who have recovered from corona a few days ago has been investigated.

Decreased sperm count
Let us tell you that the researchers wanted to find out from this research whether there has been any decrease in the sperm count of men after recovering from Kovid-19. Along with this, whether this infection has any bad effect on the fertility of men after a long time or not. In this research, it has been found that in men who have recovered from corona virus, the amount of sperm has been recorded very less. The reason for the low sperm count is a change in the proteins that increase the sperm. Due to changes in protein, the amount of sperm in men has been found to be low in this research.

This result from research
Researchers first examined the sperm count of 10 healthy men. After this, 17 men who had recently recovered from Corona were investigated. In these 17 men, the amount of protein that makes sperm was found to be low. All these men are between the ages of 20 to 45 years. It is worth noting that all these 17 men did not have any fertility problems before.

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