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Cupping Therapy: Cupping therapy will get rid of pain, that too for free..Know what is its process – cupping therapy benefits and treatment process ghaziabad hospital – News18 Hindi

Report- Vishal Jha

Ghaziabad: Although OPD services have started in the National Unani Hospital of Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh, but now the patients coming to this hospital are going to get a new gift. In fact, now treatment will also be done through cupping therapy in the hospital. Patients of migraine, sciatica and joint pain will get treatment through this therapy. It is also called Hijama Therapy.

Let us tell you that this hospital, built at a cost of 381 crores, is giving treatment to the people of Ghaziabad with Unani medicines. The number of patients in OPD is also increasing continuously. In such a situation, instead of wandering to other places, patients will get easy treatment here due to cupping therapy. In this therapy, a vacuum is created on the patient’s skin. After which, within just five minutes those chemicals also come out in this cup, due to which disease occurs.

What is cupping therapy?
Cupping therapy is called Hijama therapy in Greek language. In this a vacuum cup is applied on the skin. This vacuum pulls the skin inwards. With this medical method, work is done on the same part of the body, where there is any pain or problem. Let us tell you that cupping therapy is given to patients in two ways, one is dry and the other is wet. Apart from cupping therapy, medicinal massage will also be started at the Unani Medical Center. Apart from this, the patients coming there will also get the facilities of steam bath, hip bath, gold bath etc.

Talking to News 18 Local, Dr. Zulkifi (OSD Unani Center) said that cupping therapy is completely new to the people of Ghaziabad. Till now the people of Ghaziabad had to run towards allopathic medicines for pain. But now with the help of cupping therapy, they will get relief from pain in a few minutes. This therapy is completely free. But the patient will have to buy this cup from outside.

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