Curry leaves are rich in nutrients, removes many hair problems, use these 3 ways

Curry Leaves For Hair Growth: For better hair growth, it is necessary that they get adequate nutrition. Curry leaves contain many such nutrients which are very beneficial for hair. Vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin B, protein etc. are found in sufficient quantity in it, which easily helps in cellular regeneration of hair and improves blood circulation of scalp, which helps in keeping it healthy. This leads to complete development of hair and it is also very beneficial for hair growth. So let’s know how you can use it to keep hair healthy and increase growth.

Hair tonic According to Style Craze, to strengthen the hair, put 3 to 4 teaspoons of coconut oil in a pan and add a handful of curry leaves to it. Heat it until the leaves turn black. Now turn off the gas and leave it to cool. Now mash it and apply it on the roots of the hair. Now after 1 hour wash the hair with shampoo. For better results, use jojoba oil.

Hair mask- Mix a handful of curry leaves with one to two spoons of curd and make a paste. You can increase or decrease its quantity according to your hair. Now apply this paste well in the hair and also apply it on the scalp. Wash the hair thoroughly after half an hour. If you apply it twice a week, then the hair will become soft and healthy.

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Include in the diet- If you include it in the diet, then the roots will become more healthy and strong. For this, you can use its powder in rice or curry. If you want, you can include it in the diet by putting it in buttermilk, chutney etc. You can use curry leaves in many other ways as well. If you include curry leaves in diet or hair care, then it will improve the blood veins of the scalp, the problem of frizzy hair will go away, there will be no dandruff, the hair will become black and many other problems will be solved easily.

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