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Dalhousie has not gone yet, so once you must visit the beautiful plains here, make plans like this


Dalhousie is one of the most popular places in Himachal Pradesh.
You can plan a trip to Dalhousie during the monsoon season.
You can go to Dalhousie to spend some time near nature.

Trip to Dalhousie : Dalhousie, a small town nestled amidst the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh, looks like a paradise. Dalhousie has beautiful natural views all around. The mountains, waterfalls, fast flowing rivers, large open plains are the center of identity and attraction here. Here in every season there seems to be a complete fog around the hills, which looks very beautiful and gives great peace to the tourists coming from distant crowded cities. Dalhousie is one of the most popular tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, where people from all over the country and abroad come to visit every year. Dalhousie has witnessed the majestic Victorian period, many of which still exist today. Dalhousie can be a great option to visit in the summer season. Let us know, which are the most famous destinations to visit in Dalhousie.

Famous places to visit in Dalhousie

Panchpula is a very beautiful destination to see, where five streams come together and join together. There are beautiful waterfalls to see here, where you can enjoy trekking and picnic. The water here is very clear. Water is supplied to the surrounding areas from Panchpula itself. One can visit here with friends and family in monsoon.

Subhash Baoli
Situated at a distance from Dalhousie, Subhash Baoli is named after the freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose. This place looks as beautiful as a white heaven to see. White snow can be seen on the hills spread all around here and many waterfalls from the glacial stream are also worth seeing here.

Bakrota Hills
Upper Bakrota or Barkota Hills is situated at the highest point in Dalhousie, surrounded by large and strong deodar trees on all sides. Here you can feel yourself very close to nature. Barkota Hills can be a perfect picnic spot with family and friends.

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