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Debina Banerjee shared a scary incident related to pregnancy with her fans.

Debina Bonnerjee: Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary have become parents for the second time. Debina and Gurmeet have welcomed their little angel with great love. Debina has shared a post on Instagram after the birth of her second daughter. In which he has expressed his happiness. Debina wrote – We have become parents again. Welcome our baby girl into this world. Our baby girl has taken birth before time. Please keep your blessings and love.

Let us tell you that a day before her delivery, Debina uploaded a video on her YouTube channel. In which he told that the second pregnancy was very tough for him and during this his skin color was also changing. Debina tells that during this time my skin color started turning black. I felt like I got tanned. There were black spots everywhere on my body. Especially my underarms, neck started turning black in such a way that it seemed as if what has happened? But I believed that it would get better with time.

Change in skin color is called Melasma

Now the question arises that why this happens during pregnancy? We did a lot of research about this and came to know that it is called ‘Melasma’ or ‘Chloasma’. This happens especially during pregnancy when there are changes in hormones in the body and melatonin increases, then the problem of darkening starts on the skin. Melatonin increases due to the increase in pregnancy hormones. Due to this weight gain and increasing sugar level, melatonin starts increasing in the body, due to which the color of the body starts changing.

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Skin color can change anytime during pregnancy

Varini N, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Senior Consultant, Milan Fertility and Birthing Hospital, said- Skin color change is considered one of the early signs of pregnancy. It can also remain during the entire pregnancy and it can also last for a few months. Varini N said- 90 percent of women start having the problem of changing skin color during pregnancy. This problem lasts for 6 months in most of the women. It can also be said that it can start anytime during pregnancy. And as soon as the delivery takes place, it gradually starts ending.

If women see any change in skin color during pregnancy, then do this work

keep the skin well covered

take more folic acid

Cover your skin with a wet cloth from time to time

If you have melasma, apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, they contain antioxidants that prevent discoloration.

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