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Delhi Air Pollution: Children and the elderly are most at risk due to rising pollution, know how to prevent them from the doctor


The air quality of Delhi NCR has deteriorated significantly in the last few days.
Due to increasing air pollution, children and elderly are being advised to stay at home.

Delhi Air Pollution: The capital of the country, Delhi is suffering due to pollution these days. The air quality situation in Delhi-NCR remains poor. It has started having a direct impact on the health of the people. Children, the elderly and people suffering from respiratory diseases are facing the most problems. Since Diwali, the number of patients coming to hospitals with complaints of respiratory diseases has also increased. Doctors are also advising children and the elderly not to step out of their homes.
The number of patients suffering from respiratory problems has also increased in LNJP Hospital. Being the largest government hospital, thousands of patients reach here daily for treatment in OPD, many of them are now coming with respiratory problems. Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, LNJP Hospital It is said that every year whenever the air quality is bad, the number of patients with asthma and people who have bad lungs come to the hospital. When the pollution increases, many of these people also have to be recruited.

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Children, elderly advised to be careful
In the midst of increasing pollution, Dr. Suresh Kumar advises children and the elderly to take precautions, especially in such situations. He further says that in view of increasing pollution, children and elderly should not leave the house unnecessarily. Along with this, increasing pollution can also be an alarm bell for chain smokers and they may have to face respiratory problems.
Dr. Suresh Kumar further says that 15-20 respiratory patients are reaching the hospital daily, out of which 2-3 patients also have to be admitted.

take care of these things
After increasing pollution, whether a patient or a healthy person, everyone’s condition worsens. In such a situation, due to the increased air pollution in Delhi, Dr. Suresh Kumar is advising all people to apply masks compulsorily. The mask prevents dust particles from entering the body through the nose and mouth. Along with this, walking out of the house unnecessarily can also cause harm.

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Let us tell you that in LNJP hospital, OPD is conducted for the patients in the pulmonary department on Monday, but due to the deteriorating air quality, now every day patients related to respiratory diseases are reaching the hospital.

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