Delhi Mumbai Expressway: ‘Somebody’ is obstructing the work, NHAI can’t do anything, it will take more time to complete


11120 crore rupees will be spent on the construction of expressway in Madhya Pradesh.
The construction work will not be completed in the state on time.
The construction work of the bridge on the Chambal river is still incomplete.

New Delhi. Traffic has just started on the Sohna-Dausa-Lalsot section of the 1386 km long Mumbai-Delhi Expressway. This expressway passing through many states of the country will also pass through Madhya Pradesh. Its total length in the state will be 244.50 km. Its construction was to be completed this month, but due to many problems, the work of the expressway will be completed only next month. Bees are also creating a lot of hurdles in the construction of the expressway. The work of laying the girder on the 400 meter long eight-lane bridge being constructed over the Chambal river at Sitamau in Mandsaur district is also incomplete. In half the girder has been inserted, but in the other half the work has stopped due to bee hives.

Officials of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) say that bees have made countless hives under the structure of the bridge. They have been removed several times. But, bees make hives again. They attack the working engineers and laborers. Because of this, the work of installing girder on the remaining part of the bridge is going on very slowly. Apart from this, a dozen towers of high tension line are standing near Garoth, which have not been removed yet. Because of this, the eight-lane road has not been built in about 300 meters in length.

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resume work
Now once again the beehives have been removed and the work of putting girder on the bridge has started. In this way, the work of shifting the high tension line near Garoth has also been started from March 26. Electricity supply has been cut for three days.

Expressway will come out of 3 districts
The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is spending Rs 11,120 crore on the construction of the MP portion. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will pass through Mandsaur, Ratlam and Jhabua districts of Madhya Pradesh. Due to the difficulties in the construction of the expressway, it is now expected to be completed by the end of April instead of March 31.

The car will run at a speed of 120
The speed of cars on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway has been kept at 120 km/h, 100 km/h for buses and trucks and 80 km/h for small vehicles. If someone violates the speed limit, then he will have to pay the challan. Entry of bike, tractor-trolley, horse and bullock cart is banned on the expressway. There will be no breaker anywhere on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Barricading will be done on both sides of the expressway so that stray animals do not come on the road. You will not be able to stop the vehicle without any reason on the expressway. The challan will be deducted if the vehicle is suddenly stopped. There is permission to stop the vehicle only in the rest area. Rest areas are being made at some distance.

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