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Depression is the cause of excessive anger so recognize its symptoms – Depression is the cause of excessive anger so recognize its symptoms – News18 Hindi


Due to depression, there can be a lot of anger.
Bad thoughts can come in the mind due to depression.

Depression Symptoms: Talking to yourself, being sad, eating more food or not wanting to eat can be signs of depression. medical news today Depression is a common problem at present. In the process of fulfilling all the responsibilities of home and office, the person is becoming a victim of depression. Women are more likely to feel sad and guilty when depressed, while men are more likely to be irritable and angry. Due to depression, many changes in behavior can be felt, which needs to be recognized in time.

sadness and emptiness all the time
A person who feels lonely and sad even in a crowd can be a victim of depression. Due to depression, the person remains disconnected from the society. It becomes his habit to be lost in thoughts all the time.

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get angry unnecessarily
Excessive anger can be the most important sign of depression. Due to depression, a person can get angry on every little thing. Many times, without any reason, a person may start screaming and shouting.

trouble sleeping
Getting enough sleep is very important for the development of the brain. Due to lack of quality sleep, the brain keeps working continuously, which can lead to depression in the future. People who have trouble sleeping can be victims of depression.

loss of appetite or overeating
Many people lose their appetite due to depression. Despite having favorite food in front, people start refusing to eat it. At the same time, some people start eating more due to depression, which is called emotional eating. In such a situation, while getting angry, hunger starts increasing.

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self harm
Depression is a mental condition under which many types of thoughts can come in the mind. Some people can think of hurting others, while some people want to hurt themselves. Depression is a common problem in today’s time, but it is necessary to recognize its symptoms and get timely treatment.

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