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Diabetes care: If the desire to eat sweets increases in diabetes, then try these 5 foods


Consuming foods that contain chromium can reduce sugar cravings in diabetes patients.
Stevia is a plant like Tulsi plant which is no less than a panacea for diabetes patients.

Food for diabetes: Diabetes is a very serious chronic disease related to poor lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Due to diabetes, many other diseases develop in the body. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, about 422 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes. Along with this, about 15 lakh people die every year directly or indirectly due to diabetes. In diabetes, the level of blood sugar increases a lot. Whenever we eat sweet things, the amount of glucose in the blood increases. But it is also true that diabetic patients often feel like eating sweets. Especially in winter, there is a desire to eat a lot of sweets. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to stop it. But there are some such foods, by consuming which diabetes patients have a lot of desire to eat sweets.

5 foods that will stop craving for sweets

Stevia: According to the news of India Today, Stevia is a plant like Tulsi plant which is no less than a panacea for diabetes patients. Its leaves are very sweet. It does not contain carbohydrates at all and does not contain any kind of artificial product. It is so sweet that even sugar pales in front of it. Although it becomes pungent after eating, so most people do not like it, but its consumption is very beneficial in diabetes. This does not cause sugar cravings.

monk fruit– Monk fruit is a small fruit like watermelon which is found a lot in China. Now there is no shortage of monk fruit in our country. It is also sold dried. It is believed that this monk fruit is 250 times sweeter. It contains zero calories and cumin carbs. That’s why it does not increase blood sugar at all.

Berberine-Berberine plants are used to reduce inflammation. Infectious diseases, diabetes, constipation and other ailments are treated with berberine. Its regular intake reduces blood sugar a lot. Some of the major sources of berberine are European barberry, goldenseal, goldthread, Oregon grape, phellodendron and also found in tree turmeric. The stem, bark and roots of these plants are used.

chromium-Consuming such food in which chromium is found reduces sugar cravings of diabetes patients. Chromium greatly lowers blood sugar. Yam, nettle, catnip, jay, licorice, horsetail, yarrow, red clover and sarsaparilla are rich in chromium. That is, consumption of yam and liquorice in India is better for diabetes patients.

magnesium-Magnesium works in tandem with the insulin receptors which is very beneficial in lowering blood sugar. Herbs, such as basil, coriander, mint, dill, thyme, marjoram, tarragon and parsley, are found in sufficient amounts of magnesium.

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