Diabetes control: Diabetes is not controlled only by low carbohydrate diet, this thing came to the fore in research

Low carbohydrate diet and blood sugar: In diabetes, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. It is often believed that reducing the amount of sugar in the diet or with the help of low carbohydrate diet does not cause type 2 diabetes, but now a new research is saying that low carbohydrate diet does not always prevent type 2 diabetes. can. Researchers at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health have made this claim on the basis of their study. It has been found in the study that to control diabetes, only eating less sweets will not work, but for this protein and other nutrients are also equally needed.

Explaining this in detail, Dr Shweta Bundyal, Consultant at Fortis Hospital Muland, in the news of the Indian Express, said that this problem occurs because the amount of total and saturated fat intake increases due to low carbohydrate diet and whole grains, fiber fruits and vegetables. Decreased intake.

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What is low carbohydrate diet
We get mainly three types of nutrients from food. Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are the major part of our diet and the biggest source of energy in the body. When we get less than 25 percent carbohydrate in our food, it means that we are taking low carbohydrate. This simply means that when the amount of carbohydrates obtained from our food is less, then naturally the amount of fat and protein in the food will be more. But in low carbohydrate diet, we will consume some sugar, white rice, refined flour etc. but it has been proved in many studies that blood sugar increases with refined flour, white rice, sweetened drinks etc. On the other hand, if we reduce the intake of these things, then automatically the amount of fat in our food will increase, then we cannot get rid of diabetes.

then what kind of food should be eaten
People suffering from type 2 diabetes should take a healthy diet. Healthy diet means balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Certainly, low carbohydrate results in immediate reduction of blood sugar, but removing it in excess from the diet is not wise, nor is it good for heart health. That’s why it is necessary to include green vegetables, fruits etc. in the food.

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