Diabetes kidney failure: Diabetes patients are at risk of kidney failure in these conditions, recognize the symptoms in time like this


In diabetic kidney disease, swelling of the feet, ankles, hands or around the eyes becomes clearly visible.
Both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes can lead to diabetic kidney disease.

Diabetic kidney disease: Diabetes is a very serious lifestyle disease in which there is always a risk of kidney failure. Patients with diabetes who have kidney disease are called diabetic nephropathy. This can happen in both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. It is also called diabetic kidney disease. The kidney removes dangerous substances from the body through urine but when diabetic kidney disease occurs it affects the normal functioning of the kidney.

The best way to avoid diabetic kidney disease is to improve lifestyle immediately and control blood sugar and blood pressure. If this disease lasts for a long time or if it is not treated in the beginning, then the risk of kidney failure increases greatly.

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How to recognize kidney failure is about to happen
According to the reputed health website Mayo Clinic, in general, diabetic kidney disease is not detected from above in the early stages, but in the next stage its symptoms are clearly visible. In the case of diabetic kidney disease, the blood pressure starts deteriorating. Either the blood pressure becomes very high or it starts decreasing.

Along with this, there is a urge to urinate frequently and the worst thing that happens is that protein starts coming out of the urine. On the other hand, when there is kidney disease, swelling starts clearly visible around the feet, ankles, hands or eyes. With this, diabetic kidney disease can be clearly detected. Along with this, the need for insulin or diabetes medicine starts decreasing. Confusion or trouble concentrating. There is difficulty in breathing. Doesn’t feel hungry. Nausea and vomiting begin. There is constant itching. There is fatigue all the time. If diabetes patients have all these symptoms, then they should go to the doctor immediately.

how to avoid diabetic kidney disease
If you are diabetic and if your blood sugar and blood pressure are both disturbed in the beginning, then keep getting it checked regularly and keep taking medicines. Go to the doctor according to the routine. Continued taking medicine for diabetic nephropathy. Control blood pressure. Control the weight. Diabetes patients should make lifestyle changes and take special care of food and drink.

say bye to cigarette and alcohol
Eat more green vegetables. Avoid junk food, processed food, more sweet and salty things. Quit bad habits like smoking, alcohol etc. Check your blood pressure and sugar regularly. If signs of diabetic kidney disease are seen, consult a doctor and do kidney ultrasound test, serum, urea, uric acid, creatinine test, urine for micro albumin urea test from time to time.

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