Diabetes patients are more at risk of death from Covid-19, doctor said – patients of these 5 diseases should be careful


Infection can be dangerous for people suffering from diseases for a long time.
Kovid can prove fatal for asthma and lung patients.

Diabetes & Covid-19 Infection: The havoc of Kovid-19 is being seen once again in many states of the country and this has increased the concern of the people. If experts are to be believed, the coronavirus is mutating and due to this new variants are coming out. Thousands of people have come under the grip of Kovid infection in the last few days and the government has also started taking necessary steps. If doctors are to be believed, then in the next few times, there can be a surge in the cases of corona once again. If everyone takes necessary steps, then the situation can be controlled soon.

Former President of Delhi Medical Association Dr. Anil Bansal It is said that if people do not take vigilance regarding Kovid infection, then the situation may worsen in the next few times. Most of the people have got the Covid vaccine and antibodies have been formed inside them. In such a situation, it will help to some extent in dealing with Kovid. However, people suffering from serious diseases need to be extremely careful. If such people come under the grip of infection, then it can also prove fatal for them. Children and the elderly will also have to take special care to avoid this.

Such patients are more at risk of death from Kovid

Patients of diabetes and blood pressure can reach serious condition by coming under the grip of infection.
– Kovid infection can prove fatal for TB and asthma patients.
Patients with heart disease and HIV are more at risk of death from Kovid infection.
Kovid can prove to be very fatal for people suffering from many types of cancer.
Corona infection can also cause serious condition for women suffering from anemia.

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How to protect from Kovid-19

According to Dr. Anil Bansal, people who are already suffering from diseases should not go to crowded places to avoid Kovid infection and must wear a face mask while leaving the house. Hands should be sanitized frequently or washed with soap. Vaccine should be given on the advice of the doctor. If immunity is weak, then a healthy diet should be taken. In case of any kind of problem, treatment should be taken from a qualified doctor only. There should not be any negligence regarding the infection.

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