Directly from the employee to the chair of the super boss, the top CEO told the success story, advised lakhs of rupees to the jobbers


Microsoft CEO told about his career in an interview given to LinkedIn.
He told the youth – whatever work you get, do it with full dedication.
Nadella told that during 30 years he never took his work lightly.

New Delhi. Satya Nadella, CEO of Indian origin in the legendary IT company Microsoft, has given a great career advice to the youth. He said that in job or business, always assume that the work you have is the most important. Satya Nadella, who joined Microsoft as an employee at the age of just 22, is the CEO of the company today. He said that his thinking about his career and life was clear, that is why he got success at every step.

In an interview with LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, Nadella said that the idea of ​​becoming CEO had not even crossed his mind when he was working at Microsoft. He did his best in whatever role he got.

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‘Do everything with passion’
When Nadella was asked about the most important lesson he learned during his 30 years at Microsoft, he said, “Keep doing your best at the office and don’t wait for the next job to do good work, wherever you are.” Do the job there with full dedication.

Nadella said that during his 30 years at Microsoft, he never took his work lightly and realized that the work I was doing was important. He is the most important. Thus, with enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to take responsibility, Nadella went ahead and one day it came when he became the CEO of the company.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that to be successful in a career, it is necessary to do one’s work well. Do not think that your current job is hindering your career or preventing you from progressing. You should have dedication and eagerness to learn to move forward in every job and sector. With this thinking, you will be in a better place in your career in the long run. Satya Nadella said that even after becoming the CEO, he has continued to learn many new things.

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