Diwali 2022: Decorate the house this Diwali with beautiful lamps made of flour, here’s a simple and creative way

How to Make Diya With Atta: Tomorrow is the festival of Diwali. Sparkling lamps enhance the beauty of the house. In such a situation, different types of lamps are available in the market. However, these designer lamps are very expensive and it is also difficult to keep them safe. If you want to do the decoration of the house in a special way, then you can make a lamp with the things available at home. You can also decorate your home in a new way on this special festival. So let’s teach you how to make a lamp from flour today. It is not only environment friendly but it is also very easy to make. You can design it in a creative way. So let’s know how you can make it.

How to make Flour Lamp

Flour, Salt, Water, Natural Colour, Turmeric, Rice, Candle.

how to make lamp
To make the lamp, first of all, add salt and water to the flour and knead it well.
Now press it with your hands and make it like a long stick.
Now on a plane place, make it like a plate by rotating it from two sides (in the opposite direction).
These two adjacent plates will be seen.

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Now with the help of a pinch on a plate, make a design in all four ways.
Make a line on this plate with the help of a knife. By doing this it will become of the design of the circle.
Now color the rice with natural 2 colors and after drying, decorate it on this circle of dough.

Now place the candle on the second chakra. You can decorate with flowers all around.
Your designer lamp is ready. Whenever you want to decorate, light the candle and add beauty to the house.

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