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Diwali 2022: The child is bursting firecrackers for the first time, so take special care of these things


Diwali is considered to be the biggest festival of Hindus.
It is important to be careful while making children burst crackers.

Diwali 2022: Everyone is waiting for the festival of Diwali, which spreads happiness from house to house. To celebrate Diwali, the biggest festival of Hindus, preparations start many days in advance in homes. Along with specially decorating new clothes and houses, many things for food and drink are also prepared. Children especially look forward to Diwali because on this day they get a chance to burst crackers along with sweets. We express our happiness by bursting crackers. However, it is also very important to take precautions while bursting firecrackers.
If your child is going to burst crackers for the first time, then as a parent, you should be more careful. A little carelessness taken while bursting firecrackers can call for some trouble. In such a situation, let us know that it is important to take care of some things while leaving firecrackers.

Keep these things in mind while bursting crackers

burst small firecrackers If the child is bursting firecrackers for the first time, then always keep in mind that he should only be allowed to fire crackers like sparklers, ropes. Never let him fire bombs with too much sound or too much power.

Be present with the child Whenever the child bursts crackers, even if they are sparklers, parents should always be present around the children. In such a situation, in case of any kind of disturbance, the child can be rescued immediately.

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Clothes – Whenever the child bursts crackers, always keep him dressed in cotton clothes. If the whole family is bursting crackers on the occasion of Diwali, then everyone should wear cotton clothes. Actually, synthetic clothes catch fire fast, while cotton clothes catch fire late. Along with this, one should not wear loose-fitting clothes while bursting crackers.

first aid box Whenever you make children burst crackers, keep in mind that there should always be a first aid box nearby. If someone gets burnt, he can be given first aid immediately with the help of first aid box.

bucket full of water Whenever children are used to burst crackers, always keep a big bucket of water filled. A bucket full of water comes in handy in case of any untoward incident.

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open space – Always choose an open place while bursting firecrackers. Be it children or adults, everyone should burst crackers in the open space. Especially if children are being used to burst firecrackers, then special care should be taken that by setting fire to the firecrackers, the children can turn back quickly.

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