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Diwali Decoration Ideas: Decorate your home on Diwali with these creative ideas in a low budget


By making Rangoli with flowers in your home, the whole house can be smelled with natural fragrance.
Give an attractive look this Diwali by decorating simple diyas with colors.
Decorate the living area of ​​the house with paper lamps or colored lanterns.

Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas : The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great pomp all over India. Even before the Diwali festival begins, there is an atmosphere of great pomp and joy in the markets and homes. The festive atmosphere of Diwali lasts for a full five days, in which everyone decorates their homes beautifully and on the day of Diwali, every corner of the house is illuminated by the lighting of lamps. Everyone tries to decorate their house in a new and creative way every Diwali. That’s why today we have brought for you some great creative ideas by following which you can decorate your home in a stylish way this Diwali in a low budget. Let us know, budget friendly ideas of Diwali decoration.

Creative Ideas to Decorate Home on Diwali

Decorate with colorful paper lamps
If you want to give a unique and stylish look to your house very cheaply on this Diwali, then you can use colorful paper lamps. Paper is easily available in the markets and you can also make paper lamps at home from colorful paper. A unique and dramatic look can be given to the house with paper lamps.

new way rangoli
On Diwali, most of the people make Rangoli with colors, to give a new look to the house this Diwali, instead of colors, you can make Rangoli with flowers. It is very easy to make Rangoli with flowers. Flower Rangoli is an eco-friendly way of celebrating Diwali, which gives a natural fragrance to the whole house.

Decorate the house with decorative diyas
Instead of simple diyas, you can use colorful and designer diyas to decorate the house this Diwali. You can take simple earthen lamps and give them the desired design and color with the help of watercolor. With this, four moons can be added to the decoration.

beautiful glass lantern
You can use glass bottles and lanterns to give a superhit active look to the house. To decorate the sitting area of ​​the house, place colored candles in lanterns or glass bottles, it looks very attractive and beautiful to see.

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