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Diwali gift to government employees, UP government increased dearness allowance by 38 percent, how much salary will increase after increasing DA


This is the second increase in the DA of employees in Uttar Pradesh after August.
DA has increased by 7 percent in 3 months.
This time the government will also give a bonus of Rs 6900 to the employees.

New Delhi. The Uttar Pradesh government has increased the DA and DR (Dearness Relief) of employees and salaried employees by 4 percent to 38 percent. Apart from this, a bonus of Rs 6908 will also be given to the state employees for the financial year 2021-22. The new rate of DA and DR will be considered applicable from July 1, 2022. This means that 3 months arrears will also be given to the employees.

DA is calculated on the basis of your basic salary. Suppose your basic pay is Rs 42000, then your DA will now be Rs 15960. Earlier, the DA of the employees of the UP government was 34 percent. That is, then employees with a basic pay of Rs 42,000 get Rs 14280 as dearness allowance. If seen in this way, now the salary of the state government employees will increase by Rs 1680. Note that the change in your salary will depend on your basic salary only.

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There was an increase of 3 percent in August
In August, the UP government had increased the DA by 3 per cent from 31 to 34 per cent. This new decision of the government will now benefit about 15 lakh employees of the state. Also, the bonus of Rs 6908 that the government will give to these employees will put an additional burden of Rs 1,022 crore on the exchequer.

who will get how much cash bonus
Not every employee of UP government will get the full amount of bonus. Actually, employees who are GPF (General Provident Fund) account holders will get only 25 percent of the bonus. The remaining 75 percent will go to the GPF account. That is, these people will get only Rs 1727 cash as bonus. At the same time, those who are not linked to GPF will get the entire bonus amount in cash.

Center had also increased dearness allowance
Recently, the Central Government had increased the DA and DR of the employees and salaried people receiving salary under the Fifth and Sixth Pay Commission. The dearness allowance of employees taking salary under the Sixth Pay Commission had increased from 203 per cent to 212 per cent. Whereas the DA of employees receiving salary under the Fifth Pay Commission was increased by 15 per cent from 381 to 396 per cent. The new rates are believed to be applicable from July 1. So these people will also get arrears of 3 months.

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