Diwali Special Chocolate Diya Recipe: Make Chocolate Diya by Children on Diwali, this is a very easy recipe, also watch Video

Diwali Special Chocolate Diya Recipe: Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated with great pomp across the country. Apart from worship, home decoration and party, people also make many types of dishes. On this day people take sweets and go to the houses of neighbors, friends and relatives. Many people invite the guests home and feed them tasty food. If you have already decided on today’s food menu, then get ready to make one more thing, knowing about which you will not be able to stop yourself from trying it. The name of this fun dish is ‘Chocolate Diya’.

Let us tell you that you can make this chocolate diya by children too. It will not take much effort and they will enjoy doing this work a lot. Actually, the recipe of this dish has been shared through a video on the Instagram account made up of @fun2ooshfood username. You too can try it. First of all, know what is needed to make it…

What is needed to make Chocolate Diya?

  • milk chocolate
  • Caramel Syrup
  • white chocolate
  • Chocolate Shots

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must also

  • polythene
  • big lamp

How to make Chocolate Diya

To make Chocolate Diya, first you take a bowl of milk chocolate. Add caramel syrup to it and mix. Its dough will become. Now take a big earthen lamp and put a thin foil on it. After this, put chocolate dough on this foil and give the shape of a lamp.

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Keep this lamp in the fridge and let it set. After a while take it out and make a light from white chocolate. Decorate the diya by adding chocolate shots. You must try it. If children make this dish, then they will enjoy both making and eating it. You can also gift this to your children’s friends.

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