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Diwali will have to be celebrated at these places in Rajasthan special, royal style will be seen

Diwali Celebration In Rajasthan: Diwali is the biggest and major festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated with great pomp not only in the country but all over the world. Celebrated across the country, the beauty of this festival is different, but do you know that Diwali is famous in a part of our country. Yes, the way Maharashtra is known for Ganeshotsav, Gujarat is world famous for Shardiya Navratri. Similarly, Rajasthan is known for the festival of Diwali. Here the royal dazzle of Diwali will make you go crazy. If you celebrate Diwali in Rajasthan then it will be one of the most memorable Diwali celebrations of your life. There are some places in Rajasthan where the view of Diwali is amazing. Grand celebrations are held here. On the occasion of Diwali, you can explore these special places in Rajasthan and make Diwali memorable.


Pushkar is a famous tourist destination of Rajasthan. The temple dedicated to Brahma here is one of the most famous religious places in the world. Along with this, Diwali here is also very famous across the country. On the day of Diwali, where the entire Pushkar city is bathed in the light of diyas. The view of Pushkar Lake is worth seeing. There is a grand festival of 5 days in Pushkar during Diwali. Along with this a camel fair is also held. Till now you must have visited the temple by coming here, but coming here on Diwali will make your mind happy.


Although the talk of this pink city has always been unique, but a different dazzle can be seen here on Diwali. The view of the capital Jaipur on Diwali attracts you towards it. On this occasion, the Hawa Mahal of the Pink City is illuminated with white light, while a large number of people arrive to see the market and fair of Jaipur.


Jaisalmer city is also included in the famous Diwali festival of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer Fort is decorated very beautifully on this special festival. Many cultural programs are organized here during the Diwali festival. The people here are seen in traditional clothes on Diwali, which adds to the beauty of this festival.

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Apart from this, the view of Bikaner, Udaipur and Kota city during Diwali is also very beautiful. You can create some beautiful memories for yourself by exploring these cities during the Diwali holidays.

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