Do 6 remedies of saffron on Thursday, bad luck will be rectified, wealth will be abundant


As much as saffron has medicinal properties, equally it is useful in religious works.
On Thursday, mix saffron, guggal and mace and light its incense.

Today Thursday is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu and Dev Guru Brihaspati. It is auspicious to use yellow and ocher color on Thursday. Today we are telling you about the astrological remedies of saffron, by doing which your bad luck can be improved. May Mahalakshmi bless you in person. There will be no shortage of wealth in your house. Saffron is as medicinal as it is
It is also useful in religious works. Astrologer of Kashi Chakrapani Bhatt Do you know what are the astrological remedies of saffron?

saffron astrological remedies
1. If you feel that your luck is bad, luck is not supporting you, then for this you should strengthen Dev Guru Brihaspati. The easiest way to do this is to mix saffron in water on Thursday. Then apply Tilak on your forehead and navel with it. This will strengthen the planet Jupiter and your luck will also improve.

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2. To strengthen your luck, donate saffron kheer or any saffron sweet to your guru or a poor Brahmin on Thursday. This is also considered an effective remedy.

3. Mix saffron, guggal and mace and light its incense on Thursday. Then take him around the house. If someone is sick, go around him 7 times. You have to do this for 21 days starting from Thursday. By doing this the negativity of the house will be removed. Positive energy will be helpful in the progress of the house.

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4. If you have shortage of money. Goddess Lakshmi is not showering her blessings on you. In this case, color a white cloth with saffron on Thursday. Keep it near Mata Lakshmi. After worshiping, keep that cloth in your wealth place or vault. Or you keep money, jewelery etc. in that cloth. This can increase your wealth. May Goddess Mahalakshmi bless you.

5. Take a bath by mixing turmeric and saffron in water on Thursday. After that worship Dev Guru Brihaspati and Mata Lakshmi. Chant the mantras of Guru Graha and Mata Lakshmi. This method has to be done till 21st Thursday. This will bring positive changes in your life and the money crisis will go away. Your financial condition will start getting better than before.

6. For wealth, age, good health, success etc. make Tilak with saffron and water in a silver bowl on Thursday. Offer it to your favorite deity or Lord Vishnu. Apply Tilak on your forehead with it. Donate saffron.

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