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Do body checkup with a spoon in 60 seconds

Body Fitness: Due to bad lifestyle, nowadays people are suffering from some or the other disease. People get various tests done to detect the disease. By the way, even a healthy person should get his regular checkup done from time to time. Doctors also recommend this. Instead of getting expensive body tests done, you can check your body sitting at home in a few seconds. Yes, you may find it strange to read, but it is true. You can check your body in a few seconds with the help of a spoon. Let’s know how?

How to test

University of Toronto’s assistant professor and broadcast medical journalist found in a research that the body can be examined with a small spoon even without testing. How to know this?

  • This test has to be done on an empty stomach. If it is not necessary, do not even drink water after waking up in the morning.
  • To make this paste, rub the protruding part of the spoon well on your tongue without washing your mouth. Do this until saliva comes on the creature.
  • Now put the spoon inside a clean polythene. While keeping it, keep in mind that your hand does not touch the raised part of the spoon where the saliva is attached.
  • Look at the spoon kept in polythene under bright light or sunlight.
  • If a yellow layer or line is seen on the spoon, then understand that you have thyroid problem.
  • If the layer of the spoon is white in color, then understand that you have some kind of infection. That’s why your body is not working properly.
  • If you see an orange layer in the spoon, then you have some kidney disease.
  • If a layer of purple color appears in the spoon, then understand that you have a problem of blood pressure. Also there is disturbance in blood circulation

Even smelling will detect the disease

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Toronto’s professor told that apart from colors, you can also detect the disease by smelling the spoon. If there is a sweet smell on smelling the spoon, then understand that you have a diabetes problem.
If there is a strong smell of something from the spoon, then understand that you may have cancer, lung infection etc.
If the spoon smells like ammonia, then understand that your kidney may be failing. Contact your doctor in time

If this is it then there is nothing to worry

If there is no spot or foul smell on the spoon, then understand that your internal organs are fine and you are healthy.

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