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Do not be afraid of the fall of the market, invest in these 3 ways in a volatile market, money will be made


The market may continue to decline further due to weak global cues.
Market experts say that now the level of 16640 is important for Nifty.
Market experts gave buy advice on every fall for the long term.

Mumbai. After the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut interest rates in the US, stock markets around the world continued to fall. In India too, the benchmark index Nifty50 has broken more than 6 percent in the last 8 trading sessions. It has declined by 1271 points from the high level of 18096. Due to continuous selling, investors have started worrying about when this trend of downtrend will end, as well as how to invest in such volatile market.

The India VIX, reflecting the volatility of the market, has risen 17% due to the fall. In such a situation, investors have become more worried. Market experts say that now the level of 16640 is important for Nifty. At the same time, these market experts have given 3 important advice for investing in such a volatile market.

Start SIP
This fall in the market has marginally impacted the inflows of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), overall still remains strong. If an investor is investing for a long period of 3-5 years, then buying through SIP should continue on the downside. This declining market is extremely beneficial for long term buyers. A record ₹12693 crore was collected through SIP in August, while the SIP AUM was ₹6.4 lakh crore in the financial year till August 2022.

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take a long term view
Do not invest on this decline in the stock market with a view of 3 to 6 months. Because strong returns can be achieved by investing money in this market condition for a long period. Market analysts believe that 16640 is an important level for Nifty. If this level is broken then the market can go further down. The market has digested the hike in the repo rate by the RBI.

Shop every fall
This market is giving very good opportunities to long term investors, so work with a buy strategy on every fall. BFSI market is good for buying on the downside. Brent oil is trading below $90 per barrel and further volatility may be seen in the market due to the fall in the price of gold. Due to the aggressive policies of the US Federal Reserve to control inflation, the dollar is continuously strengthening, due to which the Indian rupee and gold have declined.

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After touching a record high of 18604 in October 2021, the level of 15183 was touched in June this year. Since then the market has risen about 18% and foreign institutional investors bought in in July and August.

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