Do not do these 4 mistakes even before cycling, there will be loss, know the right way from cyclist Chetan Oberoi

Four mistakes must be avoided before cycling: It is true that cycling is a good physical activity. By doing regular activity, you always remain fit. Weight remains controlled and stamina also increases, but do you know that some mistakes can cause harm instead of benefits? Before cycling, you should take special care of four things. Come Delhi cyclist Chetan Overoi Let us know the things to keep in mind related to cycling-

Avoid taking fatty food

Cyclist Chetan Overoi explains that special attention should be paid to your food before cycling. We should avoid the consumption of high fat food. Eating such food not only causes laziness but also reduces energy. Such food stays in your intestine for a longer time, which can affect the cycle speed. Although protein after cycling our body needs a lot of protein. You can also take soaked gram for this.

Avoid drinking too much water before cycling

According to cyclists, drinking more water before cycling should be avoided. Most people drink one or two glasses of water before cycling, which is not good. Because your liver can process only limited water at a time. Along with this you will get frequent urination. If you feel thirsty while cycling, you can take a few sips.

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Take care of stretching before cycling

Although stretching is recommended before physical activity, but if you are going for cycling on the track then avoid doing so. Because stretching just before cycling can strain your muscles. If you do road cycling then stretching is necessary 10 to 20 minutes before, it does not cause stiffness in your muscles.

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Avoid exercising beyond capacity

According to the cyclist, it is not right for a cyclist to exercise the body and muscles more than the prescribed capacity. At the same time, some people already set the gear to make their cycle ride easier, which should be avoided. By doing so there is a risk of injury.

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