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Do not let the Uric Acid level deteriorate during pregnancy, control it with these easy tips


To control uric acid, pay attention to diet and exercise.
Increased uric acid can lead to the problem of diabetes and arthritis.

How to Control Uric Acid In Pregnancy- The increase of uric acid in the body can promote many problems. Especially the increase of uric acid in pregnancy can be dangerous for both mother and child. High uric acid level during pregnancy can also double the risk of diabetes. However, there is a constant fluctuation in the level of serum uric acid during pregnancy. These fluctuations are due to hormonal and changes in blood flow to the kidneys. Increasing uric acid levels in pregnancy can be a sign of problems like high blood pressure, hypertension and preeclampsia. During this time, lifestyle can be improved to control uric acid levels so that other health problems that increase uric acid can be controlled.

How much uric acid should be in pregnancy?
Every woman’s body reacts differently during pregnancy. According to momjunction.com, the serum concentration of uric acid in the first trimester of pregnancy can be around 31.1 mg/L. However, as pregnancy progresses, the level of uric acid also increases. In the third trimester can reach about 46.7 mg/L. This level of uric acid is considered normal in pregnancy.

Risk of having high uric acid level in pregnancy
Premature birth of a child.
Having a miscarriage.
Low fetal development and low birth weight.
Sometimes high uric acid can cause hypertensive pregnancy.
Other parts of the body may be affected.
Joint pain can occur due to excess uric acid.

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how to control uric acid during pregnancy
Increased uric acid levels can be controlled by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These measures can be adopted to avoid high uric acid levels during pregnancy.
Control weight with good diet and exercise.
Diabetes can be kept under control with a healthy diet chart. Also reduce the intake of sugar and carbohydrates.
Consume vegetables and low fat dairy products. Avoid purine-rich diet like red meat, poultry, oily fish and seafood.
Increase fiber intake during pregnancy.
If there is no problem related to kidney, then increase the intake of liquid things.

Increase in uric acid during pregnancy is a normal process but it can be controlled by making lifestyle changes. Contact your doctor if you have any further problems.

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