Do not take bike on this expressway even by mistake, challan of Rs 5,000 will be deducted


It is forbidden to take slow vehicles on the expressway.
E-challan is applicable to prevent overspeeding.
The speed limit of the car is 120 kilometers per hour.

New Delhi. Vehicles have started plying till Dausa on the country’s longest Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Motorists are liking this expressway very much. The maximum speed limit for cars on this expressway without breakers is 120 kilometers per hour. But, the entry of slow vehicles like motorcycles and scooters is restricted on this. If someone is caught on this expressway with a bike, then he will have to pay five thousand rupees as a challan.

Accidents are also happening due to overspeeding on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Recently, a car running at a very high speed overturned on the expressway. One person died and three people were seriously injured in the accident. E-challan system will soon be installed on the expressway to curb people’s reckless driving. With this, automatic challan will be deducted for vehicles violating the speed limit.

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Challan even if the vehicle stopped in the middle
The maximum speed on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is 120 kmph. But, on this expressway, you cannot stop the vehicle without any reason. The challan will be deducted if the vehicle is suddenly stopped. There is permission to stop the vehicle only in the rest area. Rest areas have been made at some distance. You can stop the vehicle without rest area on the expressway only if there is a technical fault.

Complete arrangements to prevent accidents
Several arrangements have been made to avoid accidents on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. There is no breaker anywhere on this entire highway from Delhi to Vadodara. The highway has been made very high. Barricading has been done on both sides of the highway so that stray animals do not come on the road. On this road made of German technology, there is no jerk even when driving at a speed of 120 km. Along with this, slow moving vehicles like auto rickshaw, bike, tractor-trolley, horse and bullock cart will not be able to run.

Delhi-Mumbai travel time will be halved
After the completion of this longest expressway of the country, it will be possible to reach between Delhi and Mumbai by car in 12 hours. Now it takes 24 hours to cover this journey. With the construction of this expressway, it will take less time to travel to many other major cities of the country.

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